Cover of Rebecca's Diary

The Cool Breeze of Spring - Rebecca's diary

18 September 8.40 am
Rebecca finds herself alone in the world.

When 12-year-old Rebecca Riverton finds herself alone in the world, she takes her horse Flock and rides east, hoping to meet other survivors.

She finds a home and new friends at Hever Castle, where she forges a new future for herself as she gains the respect of both humans and aliens.

In her diary, Rebecca describes her emotions and adventures as she adapts and flourishes in a new world where prejudices and stereotypes of the past have disappeared.

View from castle

Who's who

My name is Rebecca, and I am an accidental survivor after the Event.
I am 12 years old and I love Flock, that's my horse. I want to be a vet and a doctor, just like Peter.
Flock, that's my horse, she is beautiful.
Caila is in charge at Hever. She is nice but she is totally clumsy.
Chris is Caila's husband. He is really sweet, and a very good cook.
Mateos is a Neteru. He looks a bit scary, like a grey cloud. He startles me sometimes, but I'm not afraid of him.
Steve is one of the chosen ones. Steve is married to Richard, he is a very sweet guy but a horrible cook.
Richard is one of the chosen ones. You should taste his brownies!
Bluebell and Banjo are Steve and Richard's cats.
Juliet is one of the chosen ones. I love Juliet, she is my favourite together with Peter.
Peter is one of the chosen ones. He is the vet who treated Flock when I first arrived at Hever.
Luke is one of the chosen ones, and he is a bit of a geek.
Jenny is one of the chosen ones, she has a cool tattoo on her leg.
Aurora is a cute baby. Totally cool.
Baldwin, his dishonourable Prime Maniac, he is so totally uncool.

Words to be added to my dictionary after the Event

Neteru are the aliens who seeded Earth with different species as an ecological experiment.
Etherun is the planet where the Neteru live.
Gollosnor is a doctor from Etherun.
Key species are species that are of special interest to the Neteru: humans, crow, dolphins, whales, and tortoise.
Khered are the direct descendants of the first seedlings.
Activated Khered are the original descendants and their chosen ones.
Mesu, that is a Neteru word for Earth.
Laparoscopy is a special technique that I used when I did my first solo surgery.
Hemostat is a clamp to control bleeding.
Lectanimo, this is a form of mind communication, like talking without words.
Spheream is a coloured cloud which hangs around activated Khered and Neteru.
Telumparticula is the beam that the Neteru used to remove all people from Earth.


Amazon - 28 August 2018 Cover of A new beginning I read the main book ‘A new beginning’, before reading its companion ‘Rebecca’s diary’. Both are absolute page turners.
Rebecca’s diary tells the story of ‘A new beginning’ through the eyes of a 12-year-old.
She joins Caila’s group (see A new beginning) about halfway through the main story, and from that moment the two stories are interlinked. It is funny and tear jerking at the same time. As Rebecca is only 12 years old, she is not made partial to everything that happens in the main book, but cognisant and clever as she is, she has her own explanation for what she’s experiencing.
She writes it down it her diary, uncomplicating everything that happens around her.